Hello and Welcome!

1st Hook Scout Troop meets on a Friday night in term times.

We have a very active and varied programme, both at the regular weekly meetings and at weekends, including skills training, camping, hiking and most importantly generally having fun. By the time they reach the Scout Troop, members are expected to have become much more self-reliant. They are split into Patrols, each led by a more experienced scout - the Patrol Leader. The Scouts suggest ideas for the activities of the Troop, with the adult leaders carrying out the longer term planning and focusing on the progression of the individual Scouts.

We run four main camps every year at ranging from back to basics camping skills and expeditions in Snowdonia to action packed activity camps throughout the year. We also participate in many district and County events where the scouts have the opportunity to sleep under canvas as well as training weekends and wardening weekends at the district campsite.

The Troop is run by the leadership team - Roy Watts, Fergus Lang, Matt Cheyette, Linda Wilson, Ed Hackett, Jude Watts, Hope Sapey, Olly Watts, Eustya Solovey, James Burge and Tina Humphrey with help from our Young Leader Aaron. If you need any info or help please don't hesitate to ask.

We are always on the lookout for help from Parents, friends or relatives in what ever capacity you can to help us make the evenings run smoothly. Can you spare a couple of hours to volunteer?

Below is a Calendar showing the planned events for Friday evenings and various other useful information. Please be aware the events are likely to change if and when needed, and we shall inform you as soon as possible. As per usual if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the leaders.

Troop Calendar