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OLYMPICS & The 50p Challenge Closing date

posted 8 Aug 2012, 04:00 by Ed Hackett

Hi All,

Hope your having a fantastic summer and enjoying all the Olympics and the enthusiasm it is bringing to London. What a fantastic turn of events we are having! As I write this we are 22 Golds up and hopefully fingers crossed we can achieve a few more. I've been able to catch many of the gold winning events via the BBC but know some of you have been lucky enough to get up into the Olympic park and see some of the action *live*. I hope it has been a great time for you all.

So to the 50p challenge. There's many in circulation but you still need to keep an eye out for them and we shall put a closing date down as the 14th SEPTEMBER

This will be the second week the troop are back from summer holidays. Some sort of proof will be needed i.e. a photo of you with as many of them as you have been able to find, but don't forget the rules - they must have all been found in circulation, bought coins wont be counted! Previously I only had 2 now I'm up to 17 so getting there slowly..................

With only a few days left of the Main Olympics we also look forward to the Paralympic's with a hope of similar success but with a loud voice i shall say:


And if your supporting any other countries then I wish them all the luck too....

If you would like to still print a check list of which coins you have the document is still available and can be found from previous news blogs located here: