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Summer Fair 2014

posted 23 Jun 2014, 01:12 by Fergus Lang
Hi all - Well how time flies!! Here I am again asking for some positive commitment on who can help out at the fair on this coming Saturday 28th June. 

This is one of our major fundraisers of the year which enables us to keep subs at a reasonable level - £2.88 (ish) a week isn't much but we can only keep it at this level if we take the cash at events like this. Additionally any match funding you can generate represents an opportunity for a significant cash injection. If you were at the AGM you will have heard that we plan to replace the older minibus this year - well this purchase is going ahead, we have identified a vehicle and the necessary RAC checks are being carried out. Hopefully soon we will be transporting your youngsters in more reliable and current vehicles. This however will cost us about £10K, so please, please spare some time and give us a hand this weekend, and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to attend.

As well as this there will be stalls being run by some of our youngsters who have been selected to attend the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015. Please encourage your family and friends to take time to stop by their stalls and spend a little as we know how hard it is to raise funds for a trip like this from our efforts raising money for Kandersteg this time last year.

The help is required during the following times

Friday evening  from about 7:30 - Loading the van - many hands make light work. The troop will be out of the way so please stay for a while after dropping off if you possibly can.

Enjoying tasty Bacon Rolls and tea - also known as putting up the Marquees on the field from 7:00am on Saturday morning.

From 12 - 4

Burger flipping and sausage turning
Food service - cash for grub. 
Beer / wine selling
Tea / coffee pouring
Soft drink dispensing

From 4pm - repacking the vans and unloading at HQ. The graveyard shift but also very important at the end of a long day.