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Watt........ Another Sharp Shooting Champion?!!!!

posted 20 Nov 2011, 09:08 by Ed Hackett   [ updated 20 Dec 2011, 01:20 by Fergus Lang ]
So this time round it was the District Air Rifle and Pistol Competition and we again had a nice little turn out for the event!

Having been walking out on the night hike on Friday evening it was easy to say that not only was I tired but some of the scouts were looking tired too so it was nice that we had shooting times for Sunday!

The team being made up by scouts and some leaders shoot either shot 6 yard rifle or pistol or even both!


I've just heard that once again Ollie has proven himself as a Sharp Shooter and won 1st place in the under 14's 6 yard rifle! It must be those shorts he's wearing as if I'm not mistaken they're the same ones as he wore at Bisley!


Not only do we have one champion but yet again Roy has managed to stay on target and gain the 6 yard pistol 1st place! Well done to him too.

The Group managed to secure 2nd place in the Rifle and 3rd Place in the Pistol.
So once again we have had a good turn out and been well represented by all the scouts that took place, Thankyou and well done to you all,

See you at the next meeting

p.s. more photos available from the photos page!